Smart Networking

Smart Networking

Today, we live in an age where the strength and speed of your Wi-fi is your link to the world, or rather, the internet.

Every day there are more devices being connected to the internet than ever before. These devices require a constant connection, and this increased connection may put a strain on the bandwidth available to you.

By having a home with a network of strategically distributed Wireless Access Points (WAPs) we can ensure that your Wi-Fi connection will always give you a full set of bars on all of your devices.


Your router connects to your ISP and acts as the brain of your network, directing data to the right device.

Get the most of your network by setting up a router that can handle high bandwidth and low latency multimedia traffic.


We make sure your switches bring out the true performance of your connected devices to provide flexibility for your wired connections and power your devices.

By understanding the scores of devices that require an internet connection and to be able to distribute an adequate Wi-Fi connection across your home, we can determine the size of the perfect network switch for you.

With the progress of Power Over Ethernet (POE) technologies, modern network switches can provide the necessary power over Cat6, required by most network devices.


Eliminate dead spots for maximum wireless reliability throughout your home or office.

By having multiple WAPs distributed around your home, you can walk from one part of the home to any other without any drop in coverage.

Modern networking systems make sure that you are connected to the WAP nearest to you for the strongest and most secure speeds possible at all times.

These WAPs can be mounted to your ceilings/walls or hidden in a cupboard.


The systems we install allow us to remotely monitor your network connections if requested.

We are able to see the upload/download speeds that your WAPs are outputting and can see if there are issues with devices connected to your network.

There are even some network systems that can send notifications if there is a problem with a device and can be remotely power cycled to to fix any issues.