Your Vision Is Everything

Our Process


How We Execute

Execution is a systematic process of rigorously discussing hows and whats, tenaciously following through, and ensuring accountability


Probably the most crucial step in our unique process, the initial consultation helps us to understand what our clients’ requirements, expectations and goals are.

We start with a questionnaire to go through the options and services and proceed to create a plan for the most optimal execution of the project.

Questions are answered, Ideas are presented, and solutions are found in this initial, but important meeting.


The Design stage gives us a chance to really show off our skills with Custom Installation.

Speaker Placement, Server Rack Integration, Proper Ventilation, Future Proofing are just a few terms you are going to hear a lot from us.  

We use the most up to date documentation standards and stay in co-ordination with the architect or interior designer to ensure no aesthetic disturbances are caused to their design.

The final result, a systematic set of drawings with cable schedules, equipment, server rack sizes, dimensions and a complete wiring diagram.


Once the designs are approved, it’s time for execution.

A member of our Project Management team will begin co-ordination with the Project Supervisor, Electrical Contractor and members of our Installation team.

Conduits are laid, cables are run, and any pre-wiring hardware is installed according to our wiring diagram.

Frequent visits from our Projector Manager as the job site progresses ensures a smooth installation for our clients.

During the wiring stage we ensure all cables are run to the necessary locations, lighting or motorized window shadings get all the necessary power requirements, and Audio/Video and Networking wires are run separately to ensure no low voltage wiring is affected by higher voltage cable runs.

In the final stage all wires which are connected with our installation are uniquely labelled and checked individually according to our cable schedule.


When performing a custom installation, the smaller details are very important.

Ensuring wires are connected to the proper equipment, correctly labelled and a systematic wire management is executed to ensure neatness.

Our trained and certified installers ensure they meticulously check every aspect of their work before submitting to project to our project manager for a thorough walk through of the entire installation.


Once our team has double and triple checked the entire installation, making sure we have dotted all of our “I’s” and crossed all of our “t’s”, we start the handover process.

We provide every client with a folder including any documentation for the project.

All wiring diagrams, cable schedules and notes are also stored in our database, both electronically and physically, to ensure any future maintenance or service can be handled in an organised manner.


The final handover step in our unique process refers to us going through a thorough training session with both the clients and any appointed representatives of their choice.

We walk through the entire installation providing demos, answering questions, and if required making any programming changes.

All of our services are backed by a 12 months service warranty and we strive to provide support to any of our clients within a 24 hour time frame from the service call.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal and that’s why, each and every member at Konnect Me Now are passionate towards a common goal of making it a point to provide our consumers with adequate & particularly the correct information for every question that comes our way. That’s how we thrive and that’s how we will continue to do so.

We feel it’s extremely important to help our customers gain confidence in their journey with us and also help them to make meritorious decisions at every step in the process.

Ali Shirazi

Founder Director