“The right lighting turns an ordinary room into an extraordinary space”

Smart Lighting

Customise Your Lighting​

Lighting welcomes you home and keeps intruders away. Lighting is essential to physical and emotion wellness.

It sets the mood for entertaining; for snuggling together on movie night; for a professional conference call.

Konnect Me Now offers lighting systems which can control the lights in your home and is simple and smart.


In areas where you would prefer not to cut open walls for cable running.

Wireless dimmers, switches, and keypads make for an ideal control interface.

Wireless lighting is often favorable for remodel projects and can be more cost-effective than retrofitting a wired system.


Perfect for homes that are in the new-build stages or homes undergoing a remodel project

Lighting wires are run to a centralized location such as a utility closet. This eliminates the need for banks of switches (“wall acne”) and instead replaces control of individual or sets of light fixtures with stylish and elegant keypads.


In homes where KNX is the standard such as Australia

You can now start a music playlist with a KNX keypad, adjust the HVAC system from anywhere on a mobile device, dim or ramp your lights with a handheld remote, and use your voice to turn off the entire house at night.

Mood lighting for a romantic dinner or theatre setting for a fun movie night with kids can be easily set with a single click of a button.

Turn Your House Into The Home You Deserve

At Konnect Me Now, we supply, install and commission lighting systems which are industry leaders and trusted by both homeowners and installers. Konnect Me Now are the authorised dealer for: