Enjoy What You Want Where You Want

Multi-Zone Audio Video

Do you long for a house full of music? Konnect Me Now can help

Customise Your Content

You choose the rooms; you choose the music and Konnect Me Now’s multiroom audio system will deliver it via in-wall or in-ceiling speakers - inside and outside in any number of rooms or areas you choose.

Your Content Anywhere

We are experts at creating multi-zone environments where sources such as Airplay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, AM/FM, Foxtel, Netflix or even the sports match can be viewed or heard no matter where in the house you want to listen to it.

Let Your Smart Home Do the Magic

Set the perfect scene to relax and really enjoy your music.

With one touch or by using a simple voice command, the lights dim, the shades lower, the music starts to play, and the front door locks so you can enjoy the magic.

When your music plays nicely with other devices at home, life gets much more enjoyable.

Sonos Multi-Zone System

Imagine listening to any song, anytime. With Sonos as part of your new system design, now you can.

Music is an integral part of a Konnect Me Now’s Smart Home Design.

Up until now, music hasn’t been easy to listen to at home.

It was locked away in cd cases or lost altogether.

With Sonos integrated into your home, you have the music ready and waiting for you on your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

Multi-Zone Audio System Features

When you have speakers in multiple rooms of your home, it opens up a whole new set of features that make listening to music in your home even more enjoyable.