What are some Home Automation ideas?

What can I automate in my home? The answer is “Everything”. Yes, you read that right. In this digital age, where we are witnessing the rise in the development of various smart devices, it is possible to automate almost every smart device in your home. Using home automation can prove to be one of your best decisions made while building, renovating or if you would just like to do some retrofitting. Why? Let’s find out more about Home Automation.

What if you could control your entire home using your smartphone from anywhere?

Imagine this, as soon as you wake up in the morning, the curtains wide opens and the lights switch-on automatically. Or maybe, you’re on your way to work and suddenly you realise that you haven’t switched off your TV. What would you do? Make a U-turn and go back all the way? Nope, you wouldn’t have to do that if your house was automated. A few taps on your smartphone and everything is settled nice & easy. Well, this is just the beginning, let’s first understand the process of home automation and how you can use it for your own good.

When you can control almost everything in your house at a single voice command or through a single remote control, you feel like you can do anything, don’t you? Well, that’s how your typical daily life would be if you get your home automated. No more ‘finding your way out’ from those menial tasks such as turning off your lights or ‘fighting over’ to decide who should get up to switch off the TV! You can now control everything at your fingertips.

What all can I automate in my home? And what is the process?

You can automate almost everything you can imagine and below are few what are the most common ideas for home automation?

Smart Lighting

One of the most commonly and widely used ideas for home automation is Smart Lighting. It gives you the privilege of controlling the lights in your home through remote access or voice command. You can also schedule a certain set of timings for your lights to go on/off at a particular time.

Smart Locks, Doorbells & Intercom

So, you’ve got your morning coffee and now you have decided to give your undivided attention to your work. And just when you take a deep breath before starting your work-marathon, ‘DING DONG’, you hear a loud doorbell noise screaming at you, ‘you have a visitor.’ You get up, go to the door only to find out, the courier guy needed some help locating your neighbour’s house. Damn, we understand how annoying that can be! With smart doorbells, you can not only converse with your visitors but also see who’s outside your door, all this without having to leave your work desk.

Smart Security Cameras

Need someone to guard your house 24/7? Smart cameras are of a great choice then. These smart cameras have motion sensors that detect and alarm you of any intruder in your house while you’re away. Also, you can stream & access live footage of your house at all times through your smartphone. No more worrying about your home security, especially when you’re out on your vacation.

Automating Your Lifestyle

No more flipping coins to decide who switches off the TV or the bedroom lights. When you have smart control over your house, you don’t have to rely on anyone to do that for you. You can control these automations from the comfort of your bed. You could be like, “Hey Alexa, goodnight” and Alexa will switch off your TV and create a perfect lighting ambience for your good night’s sleep.

Smart Temperature Control

You might be wondering, ‘Okay, so I already have a remote control for my Air-Conditioner.’ That’s true. You have a remote for your TV as well, and another remote for your smart bulbs. Well, to carry those many remote controls, you might as well need a backpack to carry around at all times (let’s not even imagine that!). With Control4 or Crestron Home Automation, you can control all your devices with a single remote control or through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. Maybe when you’re on your way back home from an exhausting day at work, you could switch-on the A/C using your smartphone before you leave from work and by the time you reach your home, you have a cool & comforting ambience all set to welcome you.


Should you be going for any of the home automation ideas?

Well, the choice entirely depends upon you. But there is one thing to understand, that Home Automation does make our everyday lives – easy. Well, unlike most of the first-time users of Home Automation, you don’t have to necessarily get your entire house automated. You could start off with some basic ones and once you gain enough hands-on experience, you can certainly explore a couple of more Home Automation ideas. Or you could simply get in touch with us to understand more about Home Automation and discuss how you could use one at your home. Call now for a free consultation.